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You can choose an assembled vest without embellishments for you and your child, or you can have Cowcatcher customize either one or both vests. Turquoise beads are standard and may be shelf ready, for faster shipment.  Cowcatcher can custom assemble vests with added fringe, one or two color beads of your choice, or any combination of both beads and fringe. Custom assembly may take 5-10 days, but we try to get custom vests out sooner, whenever possible.

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Assemble, With Turquoise Beads, Vest with Fringe, With Turquoise Beads & Fringe, With Choice of one or two Custom Bead Colors, No Embellishments


Guidelines for choosing which size vest is best for your child:

Child Vest (Small) This will fit the majority of 6 year olds now.

The vest is 30″ around the chest or breasts and 15″ long.

Child Vest (Medium) Depending on your child’s growth, this size will likely last a small to average child for 3 years. When needed it may allow a small child to wear a sweater/jacket underneath.

The vest is 30″ around the chest or breasts and 17″ long.

Child Vest (Large) The best bet to fit a child for 3 years- this size will be large for the majority of 6 year olds, but will have room for a sweater/jacket and will allow for growth over 3 years. This size also provides sufficient space for patches that children earn. We sell this size to about 60% of customers who try on our samples.

The vest is 37″ around the chest or breasts and is 22″ long.

Vests do not fasten in the front, so there is a gap which will allow extra room for children’s growth.


Choose from our selection of Leather Vests

Our Adult and Child vests are available in four options:
DIY with beads and/or fringe
Pre-Assembled with beads and/or fringe
DIY or Assembled with choice of one or two custom beads
Plain – without any embellishments

DIY is perfect if you’re looking for a simple craft to do with your kids or grandkids or an artistic project for yourself. Perhaps you’re looking to work with your kids on finishing a hands-on project together; but you’re not looking to assemble a matching vest for yourself – in this case, the assembled vest option is available.

Once you’ve decided if you would like to assemble the vest yourself or have us do it for you, it’s time to decide the styling options. Whether you’d like turquoise beads, fringe, one or two custom bead colors(we offer 7 colors and you can call about our neon and other unique options) or a combination of options, we have just what you need! Also, if you’re looking for a quality leather vest without any embellishments, we’ve got that too!

Don’t forget about stocking up on a leather project kit or two!


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